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Best golf sock, Best running sock, Best tennis sock…Guaranteed!
Reflexa® Active socks are designed specifically for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to maximize their potential. Every day we hear, "These are the best golf socks I've ever worn," or "At last, I've found the best socks for running."
Why are so many golfers, runners, and tennis players endorsing Reflexa® Active socks? They've discovered that by maintaining oxygen levels in the body, Reflexa® Active socks heighten their athletic performance.
Runners and tennis players know Reflexa® Active is the best running sock AND the best tennis sock because of a specially designed toe and heel that reduces friction to prevent blisters. Also—as an additional benefit—mesh panels wick excess moisture away for maximum active comfort. Reflexa® Active is the best running sock, tennis sock, and golf sock on the market today.

• Reflexa® Active socks increase oxygen levels in the body
• Reflexa® Active socks heighten athletic performance
• Reflexa® Active socks eliminate blisters and irritations
• Reflexa® Active socks wicks excess moisture from the foot

A specially designed Polyamide NanoGlide® significantly reduces friction between the sock and the skin, eliminating blisters and irritations and guaranteeing the comfort and performance that runners, tennis players, golfers—or anyone with an athletic lifestyle— demands. Reflexa® Active socks offer active persons one of the most scientifically advanced sport socks on the market.
Order Reflexa® Active socks and we promise you'll notice the difference in your athletic performance.

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Reflexa® Socks Superior Warranty
We stand behind our commitment to making sure Reflexa® socks keep your feet feeling healthy and enable you to lead a better quality life.The medical benefits described are exclusive to Reflexa® Socks. Each pair comes with a one-year manufacturer's guarantee. No holes! No runs! If a sock develops a hole or a run, it is replaced free of charge.

Discover what thousands of other sock wearers have; Reflexa® socks are the best socks available for your feet. Order yours today and start feeling better tomorrow.