Details for the Active Sock

Reflexa® Socks are truly a technological breakthrough in sock design. Why? Reflexa® Socks contain a revolutionary new synthetic yarn known as Celliant™. Weaving Celliant fibers into Reflexa® socks enables the body to increase oxygen levels to the extremities which in turns helps to relieve symptoms from circulatory problems. The majority of diabetics eventually will develop small blood vessel disease in their feet and toes. This condition may lead to problems that can cause open wounds that require long term medical care. Reflexa® socks have been scientifically proven to increase oxygen concentration to our feet.

Diabetic Socks
Reflexa® Socks for Diabetics have been awarded the "Seal of Approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association." Medical research has documented and proven that Reflexa® Socks are beneficial to your health. Diabetic socks are constructed without seams to prevent irritation, improve circulation and increase overall comfort. Reflexa® Diabetic Thin socks are made for a warmer climate and come in a natural color. Reflexa® Classic diabetic socks are designed for cooler climates and are available in black, beige and natural.

Athletic Socks
Reflexa® Athletic socks are a combination weave of Celliant™ and several additional Fibers that help improve performance during sporting activities. Our Silver yarn works as an anti-odor, antibacterial and antifungal. The Reflexa® "Active Sports Socks" also have a yarn that prevents blisters and wicks away moisture. The Reflexa® Anti-static socks with real silver thread and Celliant™ are the best socks available for all types of sporting activities.

Compression Socks
The breakthrough technology behind Reflexa® "Travel Socks" make them ideal for wearing for air travel, bus and train trips. They are calf height and are wonderful for people that work in offices, in sales jobs, and for people who spend majority of their time on standing their feet or sitting at a desk. Travel socks are compression stockings that aid in relieving swelling in our feet and legs. Travel socks also contain Celliant™ and have benefits similar to the diabetic socks.

Everyday Socks
The Reflexa® "Wellness Sock" is a great sock for everyday use. This sock is made with the same integrity as is the entire line found in all of the Reflexa® Socks. Reflexa® Socks also incorporate Celliant™ yarn which make them superior to other socks available. The Wellness Sock is comfortable in all climates and comes in crew height with a natural colored sole and a beige top.

Reflexa® socks are absolutely the best socks for your feet. The technological breakthrough in sock design and health benefits described above are only available with Reflexa® socks. Each pair comes with a one year guarantee against any manufacturer defects. For example, if a sock develops a hole or a run in the material it will be replaced free of charge. Reflexa® socks also last for several years. All of our European customers love our socks. Now for the first time they are available in the United States. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.
* Antimicrobial applies only to the Reflexa Silver Sport Sock.