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Diabetic Active Sock




This sock is available in Medium only.


Do you have diabetes? Are your feet always cold? Do your socks slip down? If you answered "yes" then you have come to the right place.

The Reflexa® Diabetic sock is one of the most scientifically advanced diabetic socks on the market today. Revolutionary fibers with light reflective elements woven into the socks increase blood oxygen levels and increase energy.  Especially important to diabetics, the unique design also improves vascular flow. These socks for diabetics feature a seamless toe and are non-binding to provide you the maximum comfort level possible. Longer lasting than any other socks for diabetic patients, Reflexa® Diabetic socks have a one-year warranty.

• Reflexa® Diabetic socks help improve vascular flow
• Reflexa® Diabetic socks help increase oxygen levels in the blood
• Reflexa® Diabetic socks  balance body temperature
• Reflexa® Diabetic socks are non-binding
• Reflexa® Diabetic socks contain a non-irritating, seamless toe
• Reflexa® socks for diabetics contain the revolutionary new synthetic yarn Celliant™. By increasing oxygen levels in the body, Celliant™ is clinically proven to improve the feeling of overall wellness, heighten athletic per formance and help regulate body temperature.

To further address the specific needs required of socks for diabetics, Reflexa® Diabetic is engineered to be non-binding and have a seamless toe.

The extraordinary innovation and engineering behind Relfexa® Diabetic socks has resulted in their acceptance by numerous prestigious organizations, including the American Podiatric Medical Association. In 2009 they won the award for the best diabetic product in the European Diabetic Product Expo.

Order Reflexa® Diabetic socks today—we guarantee Reflexa® is best diabetic sock available.

Reflexa Sock Packaging

Reflexa® Socks Superior Warranty
We stand behind our commitment to making sure Reflexa® socks keep your feet feeling healthy and enable you to lead a better quality life.The medical benefits described are exclusive to Reflexa® Socks. Each pair comes with a one-year manufacturer's guarantee. No holes! No runs! If a sock develops a hole or a run, it is replaced free of charge.

Discover what thousands of other sock wearers have; Reflexa® socks are the best socks available for your feet. Order yours today and start feeling better tomorrow.