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Reflexa® Travel compression socks are proven an effective way to improve circulation during daily commutes by car, bus, or train. Reflexa® Travel socks also provide much needed relief if your job—such as a computer operator or sales cashier—requires sitting or standing still for long periods of time.
Much easier to get on and off than your typical compression socks, Reflexa® Travel socks help protect your body while sitting still for extended periods. This revolutionary travel compression sock reduces the risk of venous thrombosis, making the Reflexa® Travel sock an ideal product for air travel and daily use.

• Reflexa® Travel socks reduce swelling and manage venous insufficiency (varicose veins).
• Reflexa® Travel socks improve the blood flow in the feet.
• Easy on—Easy Off Reflexa® Travel socks contain highly-effective foot, ankle and leg compression properties
• Reflexa® Travel socks are milder compression and designed to hug your feet, ankles and legs while keeping you comfortable all day long.

Reflexa® Travel socks are made with the revolutionary new synthetic yarn, Celliant™, which increases blood circulation, making them the premier travel compression socks.
Additionally, the use of Cellient™ yarn in compression socks has been clinically proven to heighten athletic performance and help regulate body temperature by increasing oxygen levels.
Reflexa® compression travel socks are the travel sock of choice for those who want to improve their traveling experience. 
Order Reflexa® Travel socks today; you'll love how easily they go on and off and we promise you will notice the difference on your next trip.


Reflexa Sock Packaging

Reflexa® Socks Superior Warranty
We stand behind our commitment to making sure Reflexa® socks keep your feet feeling healthy and enable you to lead a better quality life.The medical benefits described are exclusive to Reflexa® Socks. Each pair comes with a one-year manufacturer's guarantee. No holes! No runs! If a sock develops a hole or a run, it is replaced free of charge.

Discover what thousands of other sock wearers have; Reflexa® socks are the best socks available for your feet. Order yours today and start feeling better tomorrow.