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Reflexa Wellness Sock

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Reflexa® Wellness help to keep your feet in healthy condition, positively influencing your overall well-being. Relfexa® Wellness is made to support your body in coping with the daily stress you are exposed to.
Specially designed for those who are standing for long periods, Reflexa® Wellness socks feel like a hug on your foot.
AND--they look as good as they feel.

• Stimulates blood circulation
• Helps increase oxygen levels in the blood
• Helps keep feet comfortable and hydrated
• Non binding top and relaxed leg

Reflexa® Wellness contains the revolutionary new synthetic yarn called Celliant™. By increasing oxygen levels in the body, Celliant™ has been clinically proven to improve the feeling of overall wellness, enhance sleep quality, heighten atheltic performance, and help to regulate body temperature.


Reflexa Sock Packaging

Reflexa® Socks Superior Warranty
We stand behind our commitment to making sure Reflexa® socks keep your feet feeling healthy and enable you to lead a better quality life.The medical benefits described are exclusive to Reflexa® Socks. Each pair comes with a one-year manufacturer's guarantee. No holes! No runs! If a sock develops a hole or a run, it is replaced free of charge.

Discover what thousands of other sock wearers have; Reflexa® socks are the best socks available for your feet. Order yours today and start feeling better tomorrow.